How To Make a Box

This guide shows you how to make a box of any size out of cardboard.

1. Enter the box dimensions

Enter the length, width, and height of your desired box in the fields below and click Submit.


2. Measure and cut a sheet of cardboard

Cut a sheet of cardboard that is " wide by " long.

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3. Mark fold lines and cut cardboard

Using a ruler, draw the outline of the unfolded box as shown in the diagram above and cut along the outer edge (solid lines).

4. Score or perforate the cardboard

Using a ruler, draw dashed lines on the cardboard where you see dashed lines in the diagram above. Then, use a utility knife to score the cardboard along these dashed lines making sure not to cut the cardboard. If available, ideally you can use a perforation tool to perforate the cardboard along the dashed lines. A Google search for "rotary perforator" will find you some.

Or, you can buy a "tracing wheel" which is often used for sewing but should work just as effectively as a rotary perforator.

5. Fold and glue or tape the ends

Fold the cardboard along the dashed lines and attach using super glue or tape the 2" flap to the opposite end of the cardboard. Fold the bottom flaps and tape along edges to make the bottom of the box. Do the same for the top flaps after putting stuff into the box.

This guide was created by Abdullah Yahya.
August 25, 2012